Moonscape V

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Island In the Sky XV

The Abstract Art Series Island in the Sky was created with the impressions I captivated from the awesome landscape in Canyonlands NP . When I visited years ago Utah I went to this wonderful National Park. I was so fascinated about the deep canyons and different colors of the rockformations. This impression lingered in my memory. When I created this series  a special part of the Canyonland NP came back to my mind. It`s called Island in the Sky.

Mixed Media - Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas

Canyonlands National Park is a US National Park located in southeastern Utah  and preserves a colorful landscape eroded into countless canyons, mesas and buttes by the Colorado River, the Green River, and their respective tributaries. The park is divided into four districts: the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze, and the rivers themselves. While these areas share a primitive desert atmosphere, each retains its own character. Two large river canyons are carved into the Colorado Plateau by the Colorado River and Green River Author Edward Abbey, a frequent visitor, described the Canyonlands as „the most weird, wonderful, magical place on earth—there is nothing else like it anywhere. (From Wikipedia)

 In May I was on my summer vacation again in Utah. My vistis incluced also the Canyonlands National Park. Later more about my visit there.

Moonscape IV

The moon has always been an object for many different myth and legend.

Today the human kind know much more about the moon than before, but the fascination about the moon remainded.

This painting is an abstract interpretation of the moon. In my eye it´s has often a cold and warm aura.


The Sun and The Moon

The Sun was in love with the moon and wanted to marry her. However, the reluctant moon came up with an idea. She told the sun, that if he gave her a gift that would fit her size, she would marry him. So the mighty sun got her the most beautiful robe ever seen. But it didn’t fit her. So he got another size, that too didn’t fit her. It was either too big or too small. He just could not understand her trick. The moon is never the same size everyday, she goes through different phases from the period of the full moon to the new moon. The poor sun is still trying to get the robe to fit.
From Myth about the Moon.

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Elephant Rock – Valley of Fire – Nevada

During my last vacation in Nevada I visited the Valley of Fire.

I had read much about this State Park and photo´s of the interesting rockformations seen.

So I went there and was fascinated. It was a hot summerday and the red rocks stood in a blasing light. Especially I was fascitaned of the Elephant Rock.


Here you see a photo of the Elephant Rock I took during my visit and a painting from me of the Rock.



The Valley of Fire derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs, 150 million years ago. Complex uplifting and faulting of the region, followed by extensive erosion, have created the present landscape.

Other important rock formations include limestones, shales, and conglomerates. Prehistoric users of the Valley of Fire included the Basket Maker people and later the Anasazi Pueblo farmers from the nearby fertile Moapa Valley.

The span of approximate occupation has been dated from 300 B.C.E. to 1150 C.E. Their visits probably involved hunting, food gathering, and religious ceremonies, although scarcity of water would have limited the length of their stay. Fine examples of rock art left by these ancient peoples can be found at several sites within the park.

(From Nevada State Park)

Moonscape V

Myth # 1 about the Moon:

The Moon changes size. The Inuit people that live in Greenland named their Moon god Anningan. According to his story, Annigan chases his sister Malina, the Sun goddess, around the sky. This tiring work, paired with a lack of food, causes Annigan to get much thinner. This myth was an attempt to explain the phases of the moon as it recedes from a full moon to a crescent.

The moon has fascinated people all the times. The moon inspired me to create a series of abstract painting over the time of the last years. Here another example from these works.

Mixed Media – Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas 〔50cm x 50cm〕The Original Painting is for Sale.

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Moonscape III

Maybe the moon is a mirrow to our souls.

Maybe the art we create is also a mirrow to our souls.

Maybe we all will never know.

I know that I love to create art with my heart and with my soul.

May you love what I create.

Moonscape III

Mixed Media – Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas 80.00 cm x 70.00 cm

“We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…”
John Lennon.

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Moonscape II

Moonscape II is the second painting in the Moonscape series. It has a extensive texture and a stricter composition.

It was also created in 2012.

Mixed Media Painting   on Stretched Canvas     30cm x 30 cm

       Mixed Media – Acrylic  Painting on Stretched Canvas
                               40 cm x 40 cm

The Origianl Painting is for Sale.